New Store Opening Support System  

HemiLab specializes in providing solutions for product efficient management in the retail area. In order to exceed the rapid development of new stores, the company has just introduced an innovative solution: New Store Opening Support System

solution used for planogram enforcing and labels and products distribution process in retail area allows the retailer to keep and transfer efficient product and label implantation in other retail area. 

The key part of this solution is the device, which latest version has been supplied with an automatic tray for label carriers. The labels are printing and then mounting onto standard shelf fixing according to the efficient implantation in store. Another important aspect of this solution is staff working time reduction, as well as consumables part saving. Depending on chosen model, printing process can be held in the Headquarters Office or in the HemiLab's office without the need of hiring outsourcing support. 

The main pros of the solution: 

  • Decreasing the cost of labels distribution process up to 6-8x 
  • Elimination the cost of outsourcing support
  • Planograms integration
  • Efficient product implantation in all store of one chain
  • Decreasing the cost of consumables
  • Reduced labor cost