is an innovative mobile workstation facilitating processes in retail area.  

Thanks to provided cable infrastructure for additional equipment as battery, battery charger, power inverter, wireless communication modules, it is possible to operate on-line with IT systems. Wheels with brakes allow easy-moving in any place across the whole store.  

can be used as:

  • mobile workstation, 
  • mobile label printer,
  • mobile POS, 
  • mobile marketing stand


The main advantages of the product:

  • adapted to additional devices: access point, label printers, barcode scanner, cash register,
  • possible printing labels in any place in the store,  
  • mobility,  
  • customer service in any place in the store,  
  • WiFi connection with retailer’s back-office database,  
  • 10-12 hours of permanent runtime thanks to the integrated batter-pack,  
  • customized battery capacity (for example. 40 Ah, 70Ah), 
  • customized colours and design